Open source changing course

It was a big week for open-source news, kicking off with the announcement Monday of partnerships intended to make the LAMP stack more attractive.

The LAMP stack of open-source software--which includes the Linux operating system, Apache Web server, MySQL database and scripting languages PHP, Perl or Python--is pushing its way into mainstream corporate computing.

Start-up ActiveGrid, one of several smaller companies betting on the LAMP stack, on Monday announced partnerships that could help expand LAMP's appeal among big companies. Partners include MySQL, Apache management provider Covalent, Linux company Novell and PHP tool maker Zend

The efforts of companies such as these to make LAMP more of an industrial-strength package--combined with growing interest among corporate customers in open source--are making LAMP a more cohesive and competitive offering to Java and Microsoft's .Net products, analysts say.

fonte: cnet

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